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Trinc focused on the fundamental question of “why dust adheres to work-piece” and analysed its adherence mechanism. As a result it has been found out that it was an electrically charged dust (activated dust) that adhere to the work-piece. In other words, the dust adherence could be avoided by eliminating static charge on the dust floating in the space.
From this, the TRINC’s original idea “Room-less Clean Room = Wall-less Clean Room” was created. It embodied an environment where dust was all inactivated not to adhere to anything. A concept of Static-Free Space was born.
Air-Free TRNIC Ionizing can be made without the use of fan or air blowing. Since this system does not spray foreign materials nor does it raise dust, it is the best suited to anti-foreign material measures.
High Performance and Strong Inonization Eliminates static electricity strongly with full of ion. This makes it possible to eliminates static electricity on the objects moving at 300m/min.
TRNIC One-Touch Cleaner This function enables the customer simply to turn the one-touch clip at end of ion bar for cleaning dozens of electrodes all at once.
No-Leak TRNIC With the employment of Anti-leak TRNIC, this system will see no malfunction and its credibility is unmatched.

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