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The static-free working space covered totally with ions of the desktop type Static-Free Space TRNIC
High accuracy staticelimination
Drastically reduced dust-related defectives by adoption of Air-Free TRNIC
Dust-attraction prevention
Micromini desktop type ionizer
No ion-shade made

The static—free working space covered totally with ions of the desktop type Static—Free Space TRINC Effective coverage: 1,400mm (width) x 800mm (depth)
High accuracy static elimination A high accuracy ion—balance ensures safe ionizing even on precision electronics instruments and devices. The ion—balance pulsation that has been shortcomings on the pulse—type ionizer is not on this model.
Drastically reduced dust-related defectives by the adoption of Air-Free TRINC. This device has nothing to do with the known shortcomings, “rather increasing dust—related defects,” on Fan—type or BIow—type ionizers.

Ionizing method: Static-free space method
Ionizing performance: Approximately 5 seconds (measured at center, 600mm off, with a charge plate monitor set at ZOpF without air)
Ion balance control method: Feedback control method by an ion balance sensor
Ion balance: 150V or less
Discharge needle: Titanium needle/ 16 pieces (8×2)
Discharge needle cleaning method: Cleaning each discharge needle with an accessory brush
Needle service life: Approximately 24,000 hours (Needles are replaceable)
Amount of ozone generation: Less than 0.05 ppm (measured at the center part and 200mm off in front of fascia)
Indicators: Green (power) LED lights up indicating the device being in operation. Blue (ION) LED lights up indicating ions being discharged.
Cleaning LED: Yellow (cleaning) LED lights on urges operators to clean the fouled needles.
Alarm indication: Red (error) LED lights up to warn operators of the abnormality in ion discharge volume.
Overhaul-urge indication: Yellow (cleaning) LED flashing to urge operators of an overhaul at the point of actual hours (cumulated) have passed 4 years.
Calculated Lifetime alarm indication: Yellow (cleaning) LED flashing, Blue (ION) LED going off, Red (error) LED lights up, then the actual operation term has passed 5 years (in cumulative hours) and its instrumental lifetime come end.
Alarm interface output: Alarm goes off when an abnormality is confirmed in the ion discharge volume. The alarm output (error) transistor is turned on.
Explosion- protection method: Non- explosion-proof construction
Power consumption: 11.0
Power source AC adaptor (Input: AC 100- 240 V 110%, 50/60 Hz, Output: DC 24 V)
External dimension (Excluding extrusions): Per main body: Width x Depth x Height ; 134 x 102x 210 mm
Weight: 306 gram (main body) Operation temperature, humidity: 0 – 40 °C, 35- 65 RH (No dew condensation allowed)
Accessories: AC adaptor, Ground wire (3 m), brush

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